redes-sociales-universoIntegrated management system

In order to improve and offer a better service to our clients, C Y C BERNARDO has considered it necessary to implement an Integrated Management System that complies with the international ISO 9001 standard; ISO 14001 AND ISO 45001 with which the Management is committed and which all company personnel must know and apply in accordance with the functions entrusted to them.

The activity of the organization for this Quality Management System is:

The construction of agricultural, industrial and livestock buildings. The construction and renovation of homes and civil works (excavations, structures, pipes, roads and tracks)

As a team that we form, the idea of ​​quality and improvement of the levels of pollution prevention and safety at work must be present in our daily activity and must be considered as a priority objective in all our activities and decisions. To this end, C Y C BERNARDO acquires a commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of health and continuous improvement of OSH management and OSH performance.

In order to improve day by day and achieve our goals, the Management encourages all staff to collaborate with their ideas to develop good work and achieve an optimal work environment. It is a question, not of looking for faults of the errors, but of finding the causes that originate them to eliminate them and thus prevent their appearance in the future.

Compliance with the Integrated Policy stated here, as well as the objectives determined annually and their follow-up, will be reviewed at meetings held periodically by the Management for the review of the Integrated management system, which will entail the necessary changes to continuously improve efficiency of the entire company.










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